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How to reach Bruges?

How to reach Huis Billiet?
Maria van Bourgondiëlaan 13,
8000 Bruges - Belgium

Arrive at Huis Billiet
by car

  • You can park on the street before the house. In normal circumstances there is space in front of the house.
    • Between 6pm-9am: free of charge.
    • Between 9am-6pm: free for a period of 4 hours with a blue parking disc | available against a deposit.
  • You can park across the canal.
  • At 350 metres you will find an electric charging station.

Arrive at Huis Billiet
by public transport

Arriving at Bruges Station? Choose exit 'centrum'.

How to get around
in Bruges

Huis Billiet is within walking distance of the historic centre.

The shortest way:
15 minutes' walk.
along the Green Vests: 20 minutes' walk.

Prefer not to go on foot? Check out the other options.

Discover Bruges

What to do

Bruges is
UNESCO world heritage city.
visit Bruges 360° tour 
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Walk and discover visit Bruges route app

Would you rather discover the highlights of Bruges? Or are you curious about more unknown Bruges? Discover our walking tours.

Eating and drinking

Discover the region

What to do
in the region

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Cycle and discover
the region

Cycle in the region around Bruges and explore the coast, the beautiful nature reserve 't Zwin and some charming villages. Don't have your own bike? Find out where to rent.

Route modernist
in Bruges & region

Bruges and the region have a lot to offer in terms of modernist architecture. Curious about other houses by Huib Hoste or other modernist buildings?

History, films and books about Bruges

History of Bruges

Read about Bruges' golden age, decline and revival.
25 minutes of documentary about the history of Bruges and interesting places to visit.

Films with location in Bruges

'In Bruges' is one of the recent films that have Bruges as their backdrop. In addition, series such as 'De Dag' and 'Beau Sejour II' also chose this medieval city as their setting.

Books with location in Bruges


Several novels are set in Bruges. Which book to read before visiting Bruges? One of the famous novels is by the now-deceased Bruges author Pieter Aspe. He wrote detectives set in this city.