about Huis Billiet & owners

In the Maria van Bourgondiëlaan in Bruges stands a protected monument: Huis Billiet by architect Huib Hoste. We are lucky to live in this diamond.

Passion for Modernism and Art Deco in Bruges

Because of our passion for Bruges buildings, we regularly walk into valuable old houses. We enjoy the architectural style of public buildings or residential houses that open up (temporarily). When we saw the modernist Huis Billiet at the end of 2016, we were truly sold immediately. 

What makes Huis Billiet so special

Jules Billiet commissioned Huib Hoste to design this house in the 1920s. Huis Billiet has a traditional plan, but is one of the first houses in which Hoste plays with volumes in the facade. The play of brick volumes in the colours yellow, red and black and concrete surfaces give the façade a cubist character. Adjacent to the house, Hoste built a low concrete beam along the entire length of the plot, which is fully glazed on the garden side. In this space, the family ran their family business, where they designed diamond polishing and jewellery.

The colours in the façade are not the only colours in the house. The house is characterised by an exuberant play of colours. Hoste uses colour both for the joinery and for the interior, where he introduces polychrome abstract elements in daring colour combinations. The architect thus creates a total concept. Huib Hoste applies the principles of De Stijl, which he learned about in the Netherlands during WWI. He designs a number of pieces of furniture for the house and takes care of the decoration. Shortly after buying the house, we were able to buy back 2 cabinets that are part of the interior design of the living room.

And then the restoration began

After building the house, there were few really major structural changes. We did find the house in a neglected state. It was in need of restoration. We restored the architectural-historical and socio-cultural value of Huis Billiet. The most visible thing from the street are the colours of the façade, which have been restored to their former glory. 

Staying in a monument

It would be a shame not to be able to experience the restoration of Huis Billiet's interior and exterior. We would like to share this diamond with you. We like to share our experiences and photos via Facebook, Instagram and our blog. Soon you will also be able to stay overnight at Huis Billiet. These guest rooms are an ideal way to combine a visit to Bruges with an overnight stay in a modernist house from the 1920s designed by a renowned Bruges architect.

Jessie Priem en Dries Van Den Broucke